What's all this about??

Love food? Me too! Every week I try out different restaurants and figured... I might as well document my findings and share it with everyone! Hope you find this blog helpful and enjoyable!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Bayou

I was lucky enough to have 8 other people accompany me on this adventure! Thanks to the help of all that came, I was able to get feedback on 6 different dishes. Overall it was a pretty good restaurant for a night out with friends; definitely not a place to go to for a nice quiet dinner. A few things to know before going here is that they do not take reservations and you must be 21. I have broken up the categories of discussion below:

Food Type: Cajun


SALT LAKE CITY, Parking wasn’t too bad. We parked around the corner and had to walk a block but they do have a parking lot on the south side of the restaurant.


This place was hectic to say the least but it worked. They have live music which definitely adds a little something extra to the atmosphere. Though it was crazy and packed inside, they offered pool tables in the back of the restaurant and drinks at the bar. This was a great distraction and a good way to pass the time.


The host staff was very friendly and efficient. I don’t know how they kept track of all the people that came in but they did well. I didn’t hear many complaints from the gallery. The wait staff was pretty good too. Although they were obviously stressed, they were tactful in managing the time they spent on a table. We all got our food in a timely manner. One couple in our group ordered a dish that they were not fond of and our waitress offered to get them something else. They actually didn’t say that they didn’t like the dish nor did they ask for something different, but she was able to pick up on that. This was pretty impressive. Overall, the staff seemed rushed for time but they were courteous and did their jobs well.


They have a ridiculously large drink menu. The Bayou is well known for its beer selection. They offer beer from all over the world totaling in over 150 drink selections. Some of the good beer we tried were:

- Black and Tan

- Cherney Boch

- Pear Cider

- Inversion IPA *Strong beer and has a bitter after taste

- Duval *Strong beer

The food was AMAZING! Starting from the appetizers to desserts, there was nothing but flavorful dishes packed with a kick. Listed below are the recommended dishes:

· Jambalaya

· Red Beans and Rice

· Cajun Game Hen

Listed below are dishes we ordered, a rating on a scale of 1-10 and a few descriptions:

· Appetizers:


Fried Ravioli

Side Salad

Chicken Ceasar Salad

1. Spicy Gumbo Soup *7

- Rich Broth

- Perfect consistency

- Fully loaded with a scoop of rice and a side of bread

2. Fried Catfish *4

- “Had conflicting flavors of the peppers and cat fish with the pasta.” - Forrest

3. Gumbalaya *8.5

- “Spicy enough to entice the palate and a little more but not too hot to turn off the casual Cajun diner. Tantalizes the taste buds. This dish is good with Chemay Blue.” -Dom

4. Jambalaya *9

- “Good balance of flavors.” – Allen

5. Ahi Tuna Tacos *NR

- This dish is seared, so it is not fully cooked. If you don’t like raw fish I would not recommend this.

6. Cajun Game Hen *10

- “Orgasmic” – Jake


1. Deep Fried Twinkies

- Perfect contrast in texture; crunchy outside, warm and melted inside

- Served with a scoop of ice cream and some strawberry sauce on the side

2. Bread Pudding with Raisins in Bourbon Sauce

- Warm and smooth texture

- Sweet, but not overwhelming. The raisins add a shot of flavor to the bread pudding

- Bourbon sauce is delicious

** They have a menu online so you can go read the descriptions there and check out the pricing*


Best Dish:

The winner of the night was the Cajun Game Hen. The dish is served with a whole deep fried game hen, green beans and potatoes. The combination of spices was impeccable! There were so many flavors and yet, it didn’t drive my taste buds crazy. You can expect all the regular Cajun spices, but the deep fried preparation made the hen juicy and delicious. You can taste most of all the spices in the actual meat with a hint of sweetness. Most of the dishes have a kick to it, including the soup. For those who don’t like spicy, it probably sits on the fence of mild and spicy. For those who love spicy food, like me, it is pretty mild. The green beans and potatoes were pretty bland, even without the flavors of the hen fighting against them. Overall, it was a good dish and I would give it a 9. If you are ever at the Bayou, this is a must try dish.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What sparked all this??

I am originally from Minneapolis, MN where the dining scene is very diverse. Living in Utah has definitely been hard because you actually have to search to find places that are not chain restaurants. So here I am, on a quest to find good eats in Utah.

When it comes to food, there are no boundaries for me. Every weekend, I make a point to try out a new restaurant. Whether it's a fancy restaurant or a hole in the wall, my goal is to find food that make your taste buds jump for joy. I always think food tastes better when you share it with someone, so this is my indirect way of sharing a meal with you.

I am going to use this blog to review the new or familiar restaurants I go to. Not only will I give feedback on the food, but on the ambiance, staff, price, and location as well.

Oh and I do enjoy cooking, so if I come across a good recipe, you'll be sure to find on here as well :)